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Working at Open Function Group

OpenFn helps some of the world’s most promising health and humanitarian interventions scale through workflow automation, data integration, and interoperability. (Check out our spotlight to learn more about what we do and who we work with.) While technology is at the heart of our approach, our team needs passionate, experienced, talented people to achieve our mission.

If you are interested in improving and strengthening digital systems for underserved populations in lower and middle income countries, come build a career at OpenFn. We are seeking experienced professionals who identify with the following:

  • You believe that rising inequality is a bad thing and that technology can be a force for social justice
  • You think open source is important and that governments should own the solutions that serve their citizens
  • You value being held accountable for results and working out in the open—feedback, critical collaboration, and high quality standards get you excited
  • You bring real technical experience in software development, technology consulting, product design, data management, or related fields
  • You want to join a small, mission-driven team to solve hard problems in close collaboration with a global network of government and non-profit partners

If this sounds like you, let us know. We are actively hiring for a number of positions, but also accept career inquiries via and look forward to hearing from you.

Open Roles

We currenly have no open positions. Contact for general inquiries.

Product Engineering Track

In product engineering at OpenFn, we’re trying to unlock the potential of the “technology for development” sector by building open-source automation, data integration and interoperability tools. Do you want to work with technologies on the cutting edge of cloud computing and web development, on a sector-leading iPaaS, and an impressive array of open-source workflow automation, ETL, and data processing technologies? Do you wish that less Silicon Valley brainpower was wasted making marginal improvements to already comfortable lives?

You’ll gain experience with some of the most in-demand web technologies in the world. From Elixir (with the latest Phoenix LiveView) to Tailwind to a modern NodeJs and Typescript job execution runtime, there is a lot of fun stuff here. Our hosted service all runs on Google Kubernetes Engine and our DPG (which can be deployed anywhere in the world) relies on devops tooling built in Terraform and Ansible.

We are interested in fast learners with strong opinions, weakly held, who care about what they’re building.

Delivery Track

Do you want to help scale the world’s most promising health and humanitarian interventions by harnessing automation, data integration, and interoperability? Open Function Group helps innovative NGO and government programs achieve scale via data integration, automation, and interoperability solutions. To date, our solutions have been implemented in 40+ countries by leading social sector organizations, including UNICEF, Wildlife Conservation Society, the IRC, The Population Council, Lwala Community Alliance, myAgro, Vera Solutions, Dimagi, and many more. Since 2014, we have focused primarily on developing our core product—the OpenFn integration platform—and have implemented projects targeting public health, environmental protection, humanitarian response, and poverty alleviation. We are now scaling our impact by consulting with larger NGOs and governments to implement integration and interoperability solutions.

We are interested in experienced professionals with strong track records in project delivery, technology consulting, and customer success for b2b product companies.